How to Fix Snapped Filament on 3D Printer

Introduction: How to Fix Snapped Filament on 3D Printer

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Snapped filament can be extremely annoying. The only good thing is that most filament snaps near the extruder drive motors, leaving around 1/2 inch of filament exposed before it enters the Bowden tube. (The plastic tube that the filament goes through)

Step 1: Heat the Printer to ABS Heat

This is slightly overdoing it, but it just makes it easier. On an Ender 3, press the ‘prepare’ button and then click the ‘preheat ABS’ button. Click ‘preheat extruder’.

Step 2: Pull the Filament Out of the Bowden Tube

If it is stiff you can use pliers.

Step 3: Put New Filament Into Bowden Tube

Push the remaining filament that is on the reel through the extruder motor wheels and into the Bowden tube. I find it easier to do this when the Bowden tube is not screwed in to the extruder module.

Step 4: Continue to Push the Filament Through

Continue to push the filament through the Bowden tube until filament starts to come out of the printer nozzle. It should also be stiffer to push through.

Step 5: Reattache Thé Bowden Tube to the Extruder Module

The Creality 3D Ender 3 comes with a handy spanner to do this, but you can also screw ur on by hand.

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