Introduction: How to Fix USB Port of Any Device !

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Running out of batteries when you are outdoors or may be on a trip ? A power-bank can be a life savior. But unfortunately I have broke both the ports on my power-bank

So Today I will show you how to fix such a broken USB port of any device,

So Lets get Started !

Step 1: Watch the Video!

If you don't want to read all the stuff you can watch my video on Youtube ! Click Here

Step 2: Get Into !

To fix anything it is very obvious first we have to get inside which required a lot of force and even a screw Driver which I highly don't recommend. use any other polite way :P

Step 3: Check If Broken or Poor Solder Joint

After getting into the power bank, first thing I noticed was ports were not actually broken but fallen apart because of poor/bad solder joint.

Your case might be different ! if broken You can order them from link below

This is an affiliated link it helps the show.

Step 4: Disassembly

First disconnect the batteries so if anything goes wrong you will not blow up the circuit ! after which remove the PCB and remove the old Solder left on the Pads

Step 5: Solder !

Place the ports into their respective places and start the soldering process !

If you don't know the soldering process just heat the terminals using solder iron and apply the solder metal and you are done !

Step 6: Assembly

Ones soldering process is done reconnect the batteries and screw back the PCB in to its place. After which check if it works !




And it works !

Step 7: Thank You

Thank You for reading !

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