Introduction: How to Fix Your Pet's Harness

I have a dog that likes to go through her leashes and harnesses.
It usually is the plastic clips that break or the metal ones that rust - is this a marketing ploy?

Instead of throwing them away, I have decided to use things around the shop to repair 
and reuse.

Step 1: Debride the Patient

First thing you get to do :
SMASH !  the broken part off the nylon straps.
You can use a hammer, but the plastic is bouncy and can send bits flying all over.

So I used a Vice and squeeeeezed until it broke. 
I made sure to place a sheet of fabric over the part so the flying pieces could be contained.

It was VERY satisfying.

Step 2: Cutting Your New Attachment Piece.

Since I was looking to use something that would NOT require sewing, or 
doing massive research  on materials that would stand the test of DOG...
The notion of leather straps and metal snaps seemed to fit the bill.

The materials I chose :
Leather from a sample "book"  used for upholstery ( so I knew it would be thick enough)
1" D-rings from the fabric store - 2 were used for this project
Brass, Heavy Duty Snaps - 1 set. 1.6cm size.

Step 3: Attaching Your Bits.

The D-ring will be the size/width of the straps on your leash or harness.
The width of the leather strip that will be your new attachment piece will fit the size/width of your D-ring.
Cut your strip of leather to the length you need for your adjustable pet accessory.
I cut about 4" so that I had 2" to loop through the D-ring and fold onto itself to attach the receiver end of the snap.

Step 4: Tools and Things You Can Use...

In order to avoid sewing, I realized the tools I needed are very specialized.
First you need to put tiny holes in the leather to feed the multi-part snaps together.
The tool used to attach the Heavy Duty Snaps vary. They can be modular pieces or a big clamp- the prices vary even more!
In a pinch, I used a a screw driver ( Phillips) to secure and spread the metal that clamps the 2 pieces of either side of the snaps together. 
And while this may not be a good idea, it works. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

Step 5: You Are Basically Done!

Once you have the snaps attached on both sides-
AFTER you made sure to measure the length,


Great Job! Now go take the beast for a walk!