Introduction: How to Fix a Barbed Wire Fence

Hi, My name is Gage Martinmaas! Today I am going to be teaching how to fix a barbed wire fence. I have been working on my family farm for the last 10 years and have fixed plenty of barbed wire. I am going to show how to fix any barbed wire fence with ease! I will be going over, the tools and gear needed for fixing fence, how to operate the stretcher, how to make a splice in the fence, how to use staples for steel posts, and how to operate a handheld post pounder.


Fencing Gloves, Pliers, extra barbed wire, a stretcher, steel post staples, steel posts, and a handheld post pounder.

Step 1: Using a Stretcher

This is what is needed: fencing gloves, extra barbed wire, and the stretcher. The goal is to connect the two wires with the stretcher. To do that get make a splice on one of the broken wires. In order to make a splice get the end of the wire and make a circular shape at the end of the wire by bending each end of wire back around itself and wrapping it around a few times. Now, get the stretcher and tighten the wire as tight as you can crank the tool. Make sure the barbed wire is strong enough to withstand the pressure. Tighten until the wire the other broken wire can go through the splice and wrap around a few times. Release the stretcher and the barbed wire should be together.

Step 2: Connecting the Wire to the Post

In order to connect the wire to the post you need to get pliers, gloves, and steel post staples. Hold the wire up to the fence post in a spot that is even to the rest of the wire on that particular row. Once that is done, put the staple on by grabbing one end with the pliers and wrapping the staple, which is also connected to the wire, around the fence post. After it is around the fence post make sure to put it back on the wire, so it is connected to the wire on each end of the staple and around the post.

Step 3: Pounding in Posts by Hand

First place the steel post in the correct direction matching the rest of the posts and in line with them. Now, place the post pounder over the top of the post and start pounding it into the ground. If the ground is hard or there is a big rock underground, move the post a little bit. Pounding in posts using the post pounder is easiest in the warmer months when the ground is not frozen. After the post is in the ground past the plate on the post that task is complete. Connect the wire to the post using the previous step.