Introduction: How to Fix a Broken 80's BMW Automatic Selector Cable Repair on a Budget.

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I loaded this to show you that you don't always have to buy new parts to fix your car.

A lot of the time parts that seem to be unfixable can be fixed with a bit of thought. Just to let you know this is not my BMW as I personally don't like them.

The owner of this BMW did a runner and never paid me for fixing it. They could not afford to take it to the dealership so I only changed them $50 for the repair and they still didn't pay lol. Ohhhhhhh well you get that. More reasons not to like BMW's.

This is one of my firs How to clips and the quality is not the best but it is still worth watching.

Step 1: My Youtube Clip on How I Did It.

This repair saved many $$$$$$$ I am sure a new cable would have cost a few hundred being a BMW.

Not sure if this is a common problem with this car but it is a good example on how things can be fixed on a budget at home with just a few tools.

Happy motoring Regards Rik " Home Mechanics"