Introduction: How to Fix a Broken Flip Flop Strap (not Replace It)

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Flip Flops break, often and sometimes before they start looking like you need a new pair AND specially the strap, those damn straps AGH!

So far I haven not found a solution on the internet on what to do when they break from the strap, you know, where you put your big and index toe. I've found they sell strap replacements but they are scarce and I've to order online if i ever find them and they cost like a new pair of flip flops so what's the point?!

Facing near defeat, I figured I should attempt to fix mine before throwing them away like I have done in the past.

Step 1: The Screw

So I used a screw, just like the one on the picture,TA-DAH!! Surprised?

I do recommend the screw to be similar to the following characteristics so it grabs onto the rubber for a longer time:

  • That the screw's head be flat.
  • That it doesn't have a shank.
  • That the threads be prominent for a better grab.
  • And that the tip be pointy so it's easier to screw it.

Of course you'll also need a compatible screwdriver.

Step 2: Carve and Screw

I didn't take a photo of this but at the bottom part of the strap where the sole is I do recommend to carve a hole with an x-acto knife or box cutter the side of the head of the screw so the head sits inside the strap part and doesn't scratch the floor when you walk.

Start screwing the screw onto the bottom part of the flip flop and when it starts poking the other side you grab the other part of the strap that broke and hold it to sit straight while you screw it. It takes patience and I poked a hole on my finger, but that's fine I've my tetanus shot up to date, maybe you should too!

Step 3: Live to See Another Day

It's been holding up fine and I know it won't be forever, but I don't have to run and buy new flip flops right now. I've fixed two pairs and they fix holds as of now.

As you can see I need to buy new ones soon they are a bit well-worn-out ;)

Hope this helps someone and please let me know if it does!