Introduction: How to Fix a Broken Resin Poured Oozlefinch

It has been brought to my attention that some people received a broken Oozlefinch due to wonderful postal service handling. I wish there was a way to send resin statues with a 100% guarantee that it would get to its destination safely and in one piece, but I am not and that is why I am writing this tutorial. We put a $200 insurance on all packages to protect both the customer and ourselves because there are no refunds on our statues once production has started. Now,moving on to the tutorial, there will be a few things you will need to fix your finch and get it back to 100% and luckily it is pretty simple to fix, it will just take some patience.

Things needed:

- Scissors or exacto knife

- Toothpick

- 5 minute epoxy (don't buy plastic epoxy just cheap regular epoxy)

- Drill

- Drill bit ( similar to the size of the tooth pick)

and That's it lets get started!!

Step 1: Drill the Holes Needed

This tutorial can be used on the neck, and feet portions of your finch, which I have noticed from reports, to be the most likely areas to break during transit. So first clean off your area about to be drilled, and with an exacto knife or knife point make a center point by pressing it into the surface, so that your drill bit doesn't run off or move from its desired location. Start the drill slowly on the center point and then speed up but at no point will you need to run your drill at full speed because this is resin. Once the hole is drilled on one side, repeat the process on the connecting part. At this point, I like to put the parts together to make sure there isn't any problems and to get an idea of where the other hole is.

Step 2: Cut the Dowel and Check for Placement

In this step we will cut the toothpick which we will use for stability and alignment. Simply cut the toothpick a little bigger than what you think you need with a pair of scissors or the exacto knife. Once cut, place the dowel (toothpick) in the hole and hold the two parts together to make sure the two pieces touch, if they don't take it apart cut a little piece off the dowel and try again until they meet. Once you feel comfortable with length move to the next step.

Step 3: Using the Epoxy and Finishing Up


So you made it to the final step like I said in the beginning its not too hard. So now we put it all together. In this step you will start by mixing a little (very little) epoxy, you don't need much. Once mixed I put epoxy on one part of the dowel and use the dowel to put epoxy inside both holes. When I feel there is enough in the holes, I use the dowel to put a very little on the contacting surfaces.

Now the hardest part I will start with be patient!

Once you feel comfortable the surfaces have enough epoxy simply put it together and I usually will hold it together with moderate pressure until it becomes tacky 4-5 minutes. Once I feel its tacky enough I stand the finch up like shown with anything I could find to help it not move. When you have it in position don't touch it for 24 hours so that it dries all the way through.

Don't worry about excess epoxy just wipe while its wet. That's it ladies and gents your Oozlefinch should be as good as new!