Introduction: How to Fix a Croc

Hello everyone, in this instructable I will be showing you how to fix a croc with a strap that has been detached. I lost the piece of plastic that connects the strap to the croc, so I had to improvise. The spreaders in my pictures are different because I messed up the blue one by making it to short.

Step 1: Materials

-A glue spreader
-A hot glue gun
-Something to cut with ( I used a hand saw)
-A sharpie to mark where to cut
-A croc with a broken strap

Step 2: Fitting

The first step is to make sure your glue spreader fits through both holes in the strap of the croc and the croc. My glue stirrer fit, so I didn't need to sand it down to fit through both holes.

Step 3: Cutting

The next step is to mark where you will be cutting the spreader. To do this you simply have to pass it through both holes of the croc and the strap of the croc then mark it a bit further than where it meets the edge of the inside of the croc. Cut the marked part (refer to second picture) then cut off the spreading part(refer to last picture).

Step 4: Making the Inside Circle

To make the circle that is inside the croc, you have to take the glue gun and squeeze it out until it's the same diameter as the piece that usually holds it in. If you don't know the size of the original piece make it around the same size as the circular part of the strap (shown in the last picture)

Step 5: Putting It Together

Now that you have all your pieces, all you have to do is take the hot glue gun and melt a bit of the circle (in the centre)we made previously and add some glue into the indent you've just created. Now put the glue spreader through the holes and glue it to the circle of hot glue.