Introduction: How to Fix a Dell Laptop With an Old Comptuer

Very easy!

Step 1: Hold Down Power Button on Laptop and Open

  • Look for Set Up Utility and press F2
  • Wait for Blue screen

Step 2: Turn Off Laptop and Unscrew Hard Drive

  • Turn laptop off and flip over
  • On right side screw out 3 screws
  • Pull out Hard drive

Step 3: Open Up Back of Desktop Computer

  • FIRST Unscrew all side screws on the corners
  • Unscrew inside circle screws
  • Pry off back of Desktop

Step 4: Unscrew the Screw Holding Down (desktop) Hardrive

  • Find hard drive
  • Unscrew Screw holding down hard drive
  • Pull upward on hard drive to pull out

Step 5: Unscrew Cover From (desktop) Hard Drive

  • Look on sides of hard drive
  • Unscrew all screws
  • Gently pull off cover

Step 6: Exchange Cover From Laptop Hard Drive to Desktop Hard Drive

  • Take laptop hard drive and turn to find screws attaching cover
  • Unscrew the screw
  • Find the Desktop Hard drive
  • Screw the Cover on to the desktop hardrive

Step 7: Insert Desktop Hard Drive Into Laptop

  • Insert desktop hard drive in to the laptop
  • Find the screws you unscrewed the (laptop) hard drive
  • Use the screws to screw in the desktop hardrive

Step 8: START!

  • Flip computer over
  • Press the power button to turn on