Introduction: How to Fix a Diaper Genie Elite for FREE!!!

Hi Everyone,

Follow along and learn how to bring your Diaper Genie Elite back to life! Exciting, right?!

You won't have to throw away, recycle, or spend money buying a new one after you follow this Instructable.

Step 1: Diagnose the Problem

As far as I know, this method only works on the Diaper Genie Elite (DGE) model. After you verify you own the correct model, press on the foot pedal to open the lid. If your DGE still has the refill insert, you can remove it at this time.

If when you press on the pedal and you only see one of the flaps open, then most likely your issue is the same as the one we had, which is a broken tab on one of the flaps. You can't see where it broke off from, but you may have seen the broken piece rattling around the bottom of the DGE.

Ok. Let's go get our tools.

Step 2: Tools, Equipment, Materials, Etc.

Phillips screwdriver

Yeah. That's it! :-) Let's go fix that DGE!

Step 3: Take It Apart

Open up the DGE by pressing the open button in the middle.

You'll remove a total of six (6) screws; two (2) for the flap/chute lever and four (4) for the chute assembly.

See the pictures where I circled the screws mentioned.

Step 4: Rotate the Broken Flap in the Chute

Note: This part is better explained visually, so refer to the pictures/video for clarification.

First, unhook the springs from the top. Second, to take out the flap with the broken tab, pull on wall holding it in place. You may need to use a little force, but not too much because you don't want to break off the tab on the other side of the flap. That tab that is still intact will now serve the purpose of the broken tab. Repeat the same with the other flap.

Now that both tabs have been removed, simply swap them!

Step 5: Reinstall

The flap with the broken tab is now going to be inserted on the opposite side, and vice versa. Carefully insert the tab into the curved guide so the remaining tab doesn't break. :-(
Once both flaps are inserted in the chute, re-hook the springs.

It's tricky putting in the chute assembly screws by hand, so I recommend inserting the screws slightly into the screw holes of the assembly while it's still out, then insert the whole assembly into the DGE. This way all you have to do is insert the screw driver and screw in the screws. (Learn from my mistakes. ;-) ) After this, reinsert the pedal lever in the correct orientation and screw back the bracket that holds it in place.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Fixed Diaper Genie Elite!!!

Bam! If you followed these instructions, then you just fixed your DPE in only a few minutes and it didn't cost you a thing! (Well, maybe a subscribe/follow.) I know being a parent is not easy and not cheap. If I was able to save you a few dollars, I'm glad I did. If you know someone with kids and a DGE, let them know about this fix. :-)

See ya next time!

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