Introduction: How to Fix a Flat Tire Using a Tire Repair Kit.

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This video will show you step by step instructions on how to fix a flat tire using a tire repair kit. You can find different tire repair kits in your local auto parts store.

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- Rasp tool

- Needle tool

- Repair plugs ----- These 3 are in the tire repair kit

- Lighter (optional)

- Cutters

- Some tool to inflate tire

- Spray bottle with water and dishwasher soap

Step 2:

1. Remove the wheel with the flat tire from the vehicle.

Step 3:

2. Make sure the tire still has air in it. If not inflate it to the appropriate pressure.

Step 4:

3. Spray the tire with the water/soap solution. Air bubbles will appear where the tire is leaking.

Step 5:

4. Remove whatever caused the flat tire using a pair of cutters.

Step 6:

5. Insert the rasp tool in and out of the tire while turning to clean the hole.

Step 7:

6. Insert the plug in the needle tool.

Step 8:

7. Insert the needle tool and the plug halfway in the tire so the two ends stay out.

Step 9:

8. Pull on the needle tool. The plug should stay in the tire.

Step 10:

9. Cut or burn any excess plug material.

Step 11:

10. Inflate the tire.

Step 12:

11. Re-install the wheel on the vehicle.

Step 13:

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