Introduction: How to Fix a Logitech X100 Speaker With the Bluetooth Connectivity Not Working

When my bluetooth speaker was dropped in water it was devastating I could no longer listen to my music while in the shower. Imagine waking up in the morning at 6:30 am and having the hot shower with your favorite tunes. Now imagine having to wake up with no songs this makes you feel sad and and arrive depressed at your school. I had to take action, several weeks had passed with the speaker untouched and I started with my Design For Change class at school. I thought, "I need to take action" and that's when I started with the planning to fix my bluetooth speaker. If I am successful I will be able to have my speaker restored and be able to return to the days where I could listen to all my beats and classic songs in the shower.

Step 1: Open Up the Speaker

For this step you are gonna need a flat screw driver once you get this you have to put the screwdriver between the plus and on/off button and lift the lid. If you struggle with where to open it place a finger between the on and off button and lift the lid. This will give a measure of where to place the screw driver.

Step 2: Remove the Screws

The next step in the process is to remove the screws from the speaker. For this you are going to need a screwdriver. You first have to locate the screws and remove them. You do this by twisting the screw and twisting it making it go up until it is detached.

Step 3: Explore the Speaker

For this step you will need to open the speaker with a screwdriver and explore all the pieces inside of the speaker. What I did here was to open the speaker and start taking away pieces and find out the function of all the pieces. For example, I found a port at the bottom of the speaker and that what was where the charger went in. It is little details like that will help you identify what is the issue in the speaker.

Step 4: Identify Your Issue

After trial and error I found out that my issue was that there was no bluetooth connectivity between my device and my speaker. Furthermore, to test this out I connected my speaker through aux cable to my laptop and there was audio in my speaker. With this information now I knew what to do, so I went to a store and bought a bluetooth audio receiver to create a signal between my speaker and device.

Step 5: Get a Bluetooth Audio Receiver

I used this in my project to create a signal between my speaker and my device. To add on, when I went into this project I thought it was gonna be a lot harder and when I used all my resources I found out that what needed to be done was to have a receiver create a signal between my device and speaker.

Step 6: Connect the Speaker to Bluetooth

After the receiver is applied, the speaker and the device should be linked wirelessly and should result in a great quality of sound. Every time you want to hear music wirelessly you will need to place the receiver on the speaker. To conclude, this solution really helped me fixing my speaker and I hope it will also help you.

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