How to Fix a Smartphone Holder in Your Car


Introduction: How to Fix a Smartphone Holder in Your Car

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I don't like air vent or windscreen smartphone holders. So I searched another way to use my smartphone in my car. I have an old car with a cd player but holders that fit in cd players are not an option for me. Luckily I have a radio car that fit in 1 DIN but I have slots for 2 DIN and just under my radio there is an hollow.

Well, so how can I use this hole?

Step 1: Choose the Right Holder

Searching for car holders I found scooter or bike holders. This is the holder I bought. So to fix it is very simple, you need for just a rearview mirror for scooters...

Well, just another step and all will be clear.

Step 2: Fix the Holder to the Hollow

Just a little hole with drill and the magic is done.

Another hole is done in order to have a jack audio connection for my smartphone.

The first test is very positive. Just some movement when I fall into an hole with a tire. Maybe this is good in order to don't shock the smartphone. Of course this problem could be avoided with other holes in the hollow and something to fix the holder arm. For instance with plastic "Cable Tie" leg bands.

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