Introduction: How to Fix a Snagged Sweater

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Fix your snagged sweater easily with this quick tutorial. I snag my sweaters all the time because I have a velcro attachment on my backpack that always catches on to my clothes. No matter where you are you can quickly fix this using tools you have on hand. It's important to catch these snags quickly before they break and your sweater starts to unravel.

Step 1: Tools

It is best to use a pointy tool that isn't too sharp. If it is too sharp on the end it might snag even more of the yarn. If it is too dull you won't be able to pick up the yarn.

I found this awl like tool in by sewing box. You can also use a bobby pin, tapestry needle, and crochet hook. Any other suggestions?

Step 2: Understanding the Yarn

A a snag is just a pulled loop in the knitted pattern. When you pull on one loop it tightens up the other loops that are surrounding that loop. To fix this you will need to pull the surrounding loops a bit to spread out the tension.

I've attached some graphics that explain how the loops connect and how to fix the tension. The first image was take from Annie Modesitt and the second image was taken from Martha Stewart.

Step 3: Fixing the Snag

Now that you understand how the loops are connected, use the tool you selected in the first step to spread out the tension in the knitted fabric. To do this, find the adjacent loop to the pulled loop and use the tool to pull that loop out. Now, use your hands to spread out the fabric to spread out more of the yarn and tension.

Check out the video to see how I work the snagged stitch until it is no longer visible.

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