Introduction: How to Fix a Usb NES Controller

About: I am Eric Enzo Gobbo, a 18 year old boy high school student. I like to make things with innovation and creativity and also make DIY technologic crafts and gadgets.

Who never bought something from the internet but this product came with a problem? A NES controller bought at a chinese online store but it came with problems in the buttons, where (in my case), a press left on the d-pad but instead of actionate only the left pad, it actionates both up and left pads. In this tutorial i will show you how to fix this awful problem and play your favorite NES games without trouble.

Step 1: Materials

All you need for your controller fix are your NES controller (of course), a double faced duct tape, a screwdiver and a scissors.

Step 2: Unscrew the Screws of Your Controller

Pick your screwdiver and unscrew all the four screws of the back of your controller. In the image you can see all the screws marked with a circle, each of them with a circle of different color in and out the controller.

Step 3: Remove the Chipboard of the Controller

After the unscrewed screws, you will remove the main chipboard of the controller responsible by all the commands it makes inside the game and you can see it´s a very simple controller chipboard because of course, the NES it´s a very old game, released in 1985 in North America and it´s build nowadays is very simple, with only 8 contacts instead of 16 of nowadays controllers. You can see in the image what each contact is supposed to do within the game. Going back to the tutorial, i glued a piece of double faced duct tape between contacts up and left as i said before, when i press left it actionates both up and left and if your problem with the d-pad is worse than mine, you might glue between all the four contacts of the controller.

Step 4: Put the Duct Tape Between Two Contacts

Cut exactly a 1x0,5 cm piece of paper and glue it between two contacts as shown in the third picture. You need to glue the piece with your both bottom left and right corners in the vertical middle of both two contacts that are being actionated at the same time. Do this as shown in the second picture.

Step 5: Cut the Duct Tape Edges

After gluing the pice of duct tape on the contacts of the chipboard, cut it´s out edges with the scissors as shown in the picture where the lines it´s exactly where you need to cut. After cutting the edges peel off the paper layer above the glue layer to not trouble the work of the contacts.

Step 6: Assemble It Correctly

After doing all the fixing process, now you need to assemble back the whole controller. The pieces of the controller needs to be correctly positioned as shown in the images. After putting the chipboard correctly and the controller back as well, all you need to do is enjoy your NES games without trouble.