Introduction: How to Fix an Air Conditioner Water Leak

If your air conditioner is cooling fine, but leaking water onto the floor, you have a clogged or broken condensation drain pan. Follow these steps to fix it. Watch the video for more details.

Step 1: Admit You Have a Problem

You can ignore water on the floor, but this water is slowly rusting out your furnace, and killing your blower motor. You need to fix it!

Step 2: Maybe Its Easy

Locate your evaporator coil. They are two copper pipes going into the unit and one is cold and foam covered. Take off the screws and cover plate. You now see the plastic drip pan under the coil.

If you are lucky, that pan is full of water and overflowing because the drain line is clogged. Just unclog it, reassemble and you are done!

Step 3: Ok a Little Harder, But Still Not That Bad.

If you are still here, you are not lucky, but its still pretty easy to fix.

- Pull the evaporator coil out.

- Lift coil and get drip pan out.

- Wash drip pan so you can see.

- Find crack.

- Sand plastic around crack

- Apply Duco cement

- Let dry overnight.

- Put pan back under coil

- Push coil back in and button it all back up.

- Fixed!!

Step 4: How Did You Do?

Once you fix the problem, you should have a steady flow of water coming out your drain line. This will diminish as your floor dries and the house humidity lowers.