How to Fix the ABS/Traction Control Light on a 04 Impala




Introduction: How to Fix the ABS/Traction Control Light on a 04 Impala

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This Instructable will show you how to cheaply and easily fix the ABS/TRACTION CONTROL light that comes on your car. Don't let the mechanics take your money! this is EASY and only take a few mins to fix.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Once again, as with all of my Instructables I give this warning.


Here is a small list of things that you will need in order to fix this problem.

Di-Electric Grease (I did not have this so I used White Lithium grease, better than nothing)
socket wrench
Metric socket set
Soldering Gun (optional)
Solder (optional)
Heat shrink tubing (optional)
Wire brush

Step 2:

when you go to start your car sometimes or all of the time does the ABS/Traction Control light stay on even if you push the traction control button? If you have a scanner it will tell you it is a part of a malfunctioning ABS system or bad ground somewhere.....Mechanics will tell you that it is the most expensive part of that system that needs to be replaced, Your ABS, hub, speed, sensor, pump module..ect, ect.

The scanner is right, it is a bad ground connection but all of these things do not have individual sensors to tell you if it is the ground on that particular part that is bad/needs maintenance.

I had this same problem and was horrified to find out what this can cause your car to do if not fixed. Some of the things your car will do at any time while you are driving it without your doing are: Depress (or better know as STEP ON) the brakes, shut the entire car off, cause the pressure of the brakes to intensify/lessen while you are stepping on them (lets say you gently tap on the brakes, they will act as if you slammed on the brake pedal of vice/versa)

Step 3: The Fix

First locate your ABS pump module (INSPECT IT, if it looks like it is leaking or you see leaking you should replace this part), it is on the Driver side of the car, go to the unit and trace the black wire coming out of the module and follow it to the driver side fender, it is bolted to here (see the pics). this is either a Metric 10 or 13 bolt, unbolt the lug, put the bolt and the lug somewhere on your car were you can clean it off (you only have a few spots, the wire is not that long.) I used the cars ECU/computer, it was exposed from removing my Air filter and it was flat.

Put something to cover the ECU so that it does not get scratched/damaged by this.

Use the wire brush and clean the lug, and bolt, and even the bolt hole. get all of the grime off of these, all parts should look nice and shinny when you are done.

Apply Di-Electric Grease to both sides of the LUG, on the bolt, and in the bolt hole.

Apply some Di-Electric grease on top of the bolt and the remaining visible surface of the Lug all the way to the wire housing, (don't leave any metal surface uncovered)
YOU ARE DONE! pat yourself on the back, you just save several hundred dollars by doing this yourself.

Step 4: Optional

If you have the optional materials then you will definitely save yourself the headaches from doing this all over again.

While the lug is unbolted heat up your soldering iron and apply some solder where with lug was crimped onto the wire were the wire is exposed on both sides of the crimp.

Put heat shrink tube over this all the way to the end of the crimp where the now soldered wire is showing.

Grease up everything and tighten the bolt back down.

This FIXED my problems. NO MORE ABS/Traction control lights! If this does not work for you try this on top of this fix

You will need some more tools for this, a Jack, and a tire Iron to remove the lug nuts of your tire. Plus wire cutters/strippers and a torque wrench and metric socket set

There has been several articles that Gm released on this harness not being assembled good and the connections that the wires are crimped to that goes into the harness have failed. A simple fix to this is to first use a scanner to find out what wheel the error code is coming form(you can just take it to a mechanic they will do this for you , it might cost or not depending on how shady they are) turning your cars wheels to the opposite side that the code is showing (if driver, turn wheel toward passenger), Turn off your car, jack effected side up, remove the tire with tire iron, disconnect the harness that goes to the ABS wheel hub, cut (MAKE SURE THAT THE HARNESS CONNECTOR THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO CUT MATCHES THE ONE YOU ARE GOING TO SOLDER ON)and solder on the new harness connection. It is around $45 or so at Autozone, you can also check Amazon, or Rockauto for this part (you want the ABS Wheel HUB connector). put your tire back on, lower your car, torque down the Lug nuts and start your car.

This SHOULD FIX THIS PROBLEM. But if you are like me and do not fix anything until it needs to be fixed then THESE PARTS ARE 10 YEARS OLD, and might need replacing if you have not done so at all.

You can check Youtube to find a how to video on to replace the ABS hub on either side of your car if you still have this problem... I will post an Instructable on how to do this when I do so for my car.

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Question 2 years ago

I want bigger brakes, so took the system with dual piston off the 06-10 Monte Carlo. I come to find out I need bigger Master and the lines dont fit in my factory 05 impala abs module. I took the Monte Carlo master and abs, but how does the harness on the impala come off? And will it fit on the Monte Carlo abs? Or do I have to grab the harness from the Monte Carlo and change it out back on the impala?


Question 2 years ago on Step 4

good morning does the layout also applies for a 2002 Chevy impala ?


Reply 2 years ago

IT MIGHT, I know that a lot of things form Chevy were from 2000/2002-2005 on the Impalas. you can go to your local auto parts store to see if they have your Haynes manual to LOOK at and check.


3 years ago

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I spent countless hours researching this and tried a couple of things. After reading your Instructable, I removed the ground bolt and then wire brushed (with a Dremel) the terminal, the bolt and the ground point. I then put OX-Gard on everything and reconnected the terminal. Now my ABS and Traction control lights are out!


Reply 3 years ago

Gald I could help :)


6 years ago

So I'm taking the black wire loose and cleaning the hole and bolt and that's it


Reply 6 years ago

yes, just the ground (black) wire, CLEAN both the BOLT, LUG (connection at the end of the wire) AND the hole itself. Then use dielectric grease on all of those before you bolt it back down. I did not have dielectric grease, so I just used white lithium grease..... you could even use Vaseline, if that is all you have. just make sure you have something to protect that connection so that it does not happen again


6 years ago on Introduction

Great job!

Funny, or I should say - not so funny - how GM or other mechanics fail to tell people this and charge hundreds of $'s to replace ABS wheel bearings or $1500+ to change the "defective" ABS control module.

Simply cleaning out each ABS connector with electrical contact cleaner and then adding die-electric grease into the connector before snapping it together, fixes the problem.


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

yeah, this car is filled with things like this... too many to put in here. But I figure as I find them out I will post in here for people to see and fix for thier selves