Introduction: How to Fix the Audio Jack on a TV

The first part is how to repair the audio jack after breaking it.

The second part is putting a window.

all steps single image -

Step 1: Replace Broken Audio Jack

The images have some steps

Remove broken parts and clean it up.

if you have a replacement you can solder it in. I just soldered wires to the pin holes.

The last image is the selector switch for routing the audio through speakers or headphones.

Normally the switch detects when the headphones are plugged in, but having a switch outside makes it so I can select (TV speakers) or (headphone) and just leave it plugged in in the back.

Step 2: Useless Window

I just had this idea so I did it. It could be used later to put a fan or just more airflow, it does get a little hot since I leave it on almost all day.

Drawing it on the computer made it easy for me to cut straight lines.

It was fun I hope you like it.

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