Introduction: How to Fix the Valve Spring (espresso Machine Leaking Even When It Is Off Problem) and Clean the Shower Screen

This simple operation, which isn't descibed in the manual, helps to fix following problems with your home espresso maker:

  1. The machine leaks even when it is off. Water continue to go out from the boiler (from the portafilter) even if the coffee button is off. In other words the machine continues to let water run from the boiler through the filter holder. Firstly it may be just drops, just slightly dripping water out of the boiler.
  2. You notice small black particles of dirt/coffee if you let the clean water (without coffee) through filter. Like on photo.

Both problems could be solved with the following manipulations. Machine leaks (1) because the spring get shorten. The reason you notice small particles in your coffee is because the other side of the shower screen is very dirty. These particle, in fact, are not only ground coffee, it is scale colored by coffee oils. I recommend to combine these operation with decal cyclt.

This instruction is suitable for almost all at-home pump-driven espresso machines by Delonghi, Saeco, Gaggia, Hamilton Beach, Clatronic, Ariete etc. All these brands use the same type of spring valve on the exit of the boiler. It is not suitable for semi-professional espresso machines, which have solenoid valves. I show (on photos) the Delonghi ECO310R espresso machine. However, any Delonghi (including popular ECO311, EC155) as well as Saeco Poemia, Gaggia Baby have the same construction.

Step 1: Step 1. Switch Off the Espresso Machine, Remove the Portafilter and Look Under the Shower Screen

It's the upper part of the group head, where you install portafilter.

Step 2: Step 2. Use a Philips Head Screwdriver to Unscrew the Bolt in the Center.

Step 3: Step 3. Unscrewing...

Step 4: Step 4. ... Until the Bold Will Fall Down.

Don't lost it. We'll need it later.

Step 5: Step 5. Now We That Shower Plate Is Not Fixed by Anithing.

Hower, it's still in its position.

Step 6: Step 6. Use a Knife or Slot Screwdriver to Remove It.

Step 7: Step 7. the Shower Head Will Fall Down.

Look how dirty it is on the other side! That's why you espresso is spoiled.

Step 8: Step 8. Under (above, If We Look Upwards) the Shower Screen of the Espresso Machine We See the Spring Valve

This valve helps to prevent water from leaking out of the boiler by itself. On the other hand, the valve should be opened when the pump if working and there is enough pressure.

Step 9: Step 9. Use a Coin to Unscrew the Valve.

Be careful not to loose small parts that will fall out.

Step 10: Step 10. Here Is the Valve

It has twp parts: spring and the small rubber cap. For Delonghi ECO310 partnumbers are 1241544OH and 2933016OH

Step 11: Step 11. Put All the Parts Covered in Coffee Oil Into the Water and Add Some Descaling Solution

It will help to remove the dirt

Step 12: Step 12. Wipe the Dirt Form the Machine.

Step 13: Step 13. Optional. Run Descaling Cycle As Described in the Manual of Your Espresso Machine

I usually recommend to make descaling in this moment, because more scale will be flushed out of the boiler, when the exit is not covered with the screen.

Step 14: Step 14. If You Had the Leackage Problem - Extend the Spring!

Just pull it with both hands to make it a bit longer (higher, depends on your point ov view).

Step 15: Assemble Everything Again in the Reverse Order! You're Done!