Introduction: How to Fix

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If you have "Bluetooth" activating toys, you may encounter some problems.

Step 1: Problem #1 Is the Cross Signals or the Interferences.

You may exprience that your "Star Wars" one isn't move at all after more than a year without touching it or in your/the storage. You must check it by using your own mobile /smart phone.

Actually, it's not about the battery. You must check the cross signal or inteference from another one or others such as smart tv, (full of wifi) or bluetoooth signals around your area. It takes me sometimes to figure it out by myself.(Based on my exprience)!

You can ask the workers or salesmen/women from the shop(s), where did you buy it? Promise or not, sometimes they won't call you back.

By trial and error, I did play it inside my bedroom. It works. But, you must recharge it, just like the new one.

Step 2: Be Patient! You Must Wait for a Few Hours or an 8 Hours Long.

Just wait it!

Step 3: Ask Whoever Has the Information About It.

Just ask for it! Don't be shy!

Step 4: Repeat the Sequences

Trial and error!

Step 5: Don't Dumb It, Please! Just Don't Give Up! Smile! Be Happy!

Wait for it! It may take hours, and after hours of / by 'trial and error'.

Step 6: Don't Dare to Fail!

I received the honor of IEEE for a few days. My article was published in IEEE journal in 2016AD. It's about the e-waste and how we can use it to produce the new one without 'hurting' the environment, (E)....And man, machine, methods,..........................

Step 7: Children and Toys

Can we separate them?