Introduction: How to Flash Turnigy/FlySky TH9X With Er9x Firmware

Cheap Chinese RC transmitter Turnigy/FlySky TH9X is a favorite RC hobbyist's transmitter,easy to use,simple firmware for beginners to pros,on-line supply spare parts.

Nevertheless we can upgrade its original FlySky firmware to be er9x.The er9x firmware has more menu,alternative value setting,programmable curves,etc.Very suitable for multirotor application.The upgrade cost just few dollars but the return likes new big brand-named transmitter.

There is another opensource firmware,OpenTX which could be flashed on TH9X but unfortunately the latest version still have bug(Jan.2017).

Step 1: Equipment&Tools

- 9-CH Transmitter Turnigy/FlySky FS-TH9X

- ATtiny44 USBTinyISP Programmer

- Double row 2.54 mm Pitch Straight Needle Female Pin Header

- DuPont Cable

- Long nose plier
- Screw driver

- Plastic cutting plier

- Hot glue rod and hot glue gun

- Soldering iron,soldering wire and soldering paste

Step 2: Hardware Installation

- Open TH9X transmitter case off by screwdriver.

- Solder Double row pin header socket with Dupont wires and the marked soldering pad on TH9X PCB mainboard together(see pictures).

- Cut a hole on transmitter case for header socket.
- Fix pin header socket with transmitter case by hot glue gun.

Step 3: Software Installation

- Download ATtiny44 USBTinyISP Programmer driver from select usbtinyisp w32 driver v1.12 for windows 32bit.

- Click installer_x86.exe to start installing.(This installer could not run on 64bit operating system)

- Connect ATtiny44 USBTinyISP programmer to the pin header socket that we have prepared with PC's usb port.If the operating system select FabISP driver instead of usbtiny driver.You have to change it in device manager property.

Flashing does't need to turn transmitter on.
- Download eePe-EEPROM Editor from

- Install eePe-EEPROM Editor on your computer.
- Download er9x standard firmware.Save er9x.hex file to hard drive.

Profile of your transmitter can be changed as your transmitter mode/stick setting.
Programmer parameter has to set "usbtiny" and mcu has to set "m128". - Open Read Firmware from Tx in Burn menu,save your original firmware to specified directory. - Open Flash Firmware to Tx in Burn menu,browse your download directory and select er9x.hex file to be flashed to.Click ok.Wait until flashing process complete. - Disconnect USBTinyISP programmer. - Turn on transmitter,it will beep and display its Logo.

Step 4: Test and Problem Shooting

- Playing new firmware,try to use every function,bind with receiver and test with servo/esc.Everything should fine after right doing.