How-to: Floral Nails!

Introduction: How-to: Floral Nails!

I'm going to show how you can easily achieve this floral nail art look!

Step 1: What You'll Need...

Here are the products I used! If you're not liking the color choices or just have an awesome idea for a different colors, feel free to change it up and get creative!

Step 2: Base Color

Paint your nail with your base color.
I used 2-3 coats for each nail since this polish isn't highly opaque.
Let dry for at least 3-4 minutes.

Step 3: Ring Finger Large Flower

With my Art Deco, I carefully and slowly drew part of a large flower.
Don't be afraid to REALLY take your time. Make it look gorgeous :D

Step 4: Mini Flower Details

Now To make little flowers on the rest of the nails, you'll need your Art Deco again!
Gently press the tip of the brush to make 5-6 tiny petals.

Let all of your details dry for at least a minute.

Step 5: OPTIONAL: Adding Glitter to Details!

Blot a little bit of sparkle top coat on a scrap piece of paper.
Get out your detail brush, dip it in the sparkles, and simply go over the Art Deco details.

Let dry for 1-2 minutes.

This is optional, but it does lookpretty awesome!

Step 6: Top Coat

Using a top coat, go over the designs.
Let dry for a good 4-5 minutes!

This will help the polish last longer and look really shiny!

Step 7: Cleaning Up the Edges

If you need to, clean up the edges of your nails with a Q-tip and polish remover.

Step 8: Finished! :D

You're done! How easy!
Again, if you don't like the color choices, feel free to to something completely different! Go crazy!
Thanks for viewing my 'ible!

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    11 years ago on Step 8

    really cute, and also simple.

    i have been trying to use toothpicks as some of the pros do, but only one hand is good...the left hand is too shaky...i'm going to try this later!!! thank you!