Introduction: How to Fold a 10,000 Litre Bladder Tank

This is the best way Iv found to fold a 10,000L bladder tank



Step 1: Flatten the Tank

Get as much water out as you can and pull the tank as flat as possible leave the valve cap on.

Step 2: First Fold

Fold in both side a foot or so.

Step 3: Cover the Cap

Fold in one edge to cover the valve cap and exit pipe and fold the other side up to meet its edge

Step 4: Final Lengthways Fold

Fold the other side over the top.

Step 5: Know Where the Cap Is

I’m using my foot to feel where the cap is. This is helpful as to know where to make the next fold.

Step 6: Starting the Longways Fold

Start to fold longways about 2 foot per section , the folds can be made longer to make sure the end cap ends up in the right place.

Step 7: Check the Valve Cap

Make sure the valve cap is not being bent or on a edge. The caps position is shown in red

Step 8: All Done

Finish folding the tank and it should look like this.