Introduction: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Folding a fitted sheet can be really annoying, most people just end up wadding it up and putting it away. This instruction set is to teach you the proper way to fold a fitted sheet.

Step 1:

Turn sheet inside out.

Step 2:

Grab the corners of the shorter side of the sheet, one corner in both of your hands.

Step 3:

Place index fingers into each corners you have grabbed.

Step 4:

Place both of your index fingers together, to where the corners of the sheet are together, place one corner inside of the other.

Step 5:

Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the opposite end of the sheet. Place one corner inside of the other just like you did with the other end. While making sure the corners that you already have paired up don't come apart.

Step 6:

After you have the corners paired up, place one set of corners into the other set.

Step 7:

Lay sheet flat on a bed or table.

Step 8:

Fold sheet in half to where the elastic on the sheet is not visible.

Step 9:

Fold in half again to where the sheet makes a long rectangular shape.

Step 10:

Fold into thirds or in half again. How many times you fold it depends on the size of the sheet. And you’re all done!