Introduction: How to Fold a Snack Bag

If you work on the computer a lot, you will find a steady stream of snacks can be quite effective for getting work done. A steady stream of stale snacks can be very frustrating however, It can be particularly frustrating when you have friends and family (Mom) who do not seem to quite get the concept of folding a plastic bag and instead close every bag as you see it in the second photo above.

If you have any similar issues with friends or families, please feel free to send this along to anyone you know who do not understand the geometry of snack bag folding.

Step 1: Flatten Out Bag

The first step is to flatten out all the unused space within the snack bag, even a fresh bag of chips will contain a large amount of empty space. It does not have to be carefully flattened out or anything, just pull the two edges tight or press it flat on a hard surface as seen in the above image.

In this example we are going to be using a very empty chip bag that should probably just be thrown away, but because it has a total of 2 unbroken chips we can't quite bring ourselves to do this. Thus we are going to carefully fold this bag to ensure that those 2 chips can survive for another day

Step 2: Right Angle Fold

With your middle finger and thumb pull the upper right corner with one hand, and the lower left corner with the other hand as seen in the first image. you should see a crease forming a right angle triangle as seen in the first image.

Using your index fingers fold the triangle over the bag until it looks something like the second image. Move your thumbs over the top of the fold

Step 3: Second Triangle Fold

Move your left hand to the middle of the triangular fold and pull tight with your middle fingers and thumb to form another crease as seen in the first image. Again fold the triangle over with your index fingers until it looks like the second image.

Step 4: Last Two Folds

pull the bag tight about half-way down the triangle the same way you did the last two folds and fold the top half of the triangle down. Keep your thumb where it is after the fold as seen in the second image and fold the bag one more time over your thumb as you can see in the third image.

Step 5: Add the Clip

Your finally done, hold everything together with on hand and add a close-pin or any other kind of clip (or even a fork as you can see in the last image) with the other hand to keep everything together. If you've done it right it should look like the last two images. If you want to make sure it works, try to press some of the air out, if you feel resistance, that means it works.

This may seem like a lot for just folding a plastic bag, but if you do it a lot you'll find that its much simpler and quicker than it looks and it keeps your snacks crisp and clean.

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