Introduction: How to Fold an Origami Duck

Using regular paper, this tutorial will teach you how to simply fold an origami duck.

Step 1: Start With a Square Piece of Paper (or Origami Paper) and Lay It As If It Is Shaped Like a Diamond.

Step 2: Fold the Paper in Half So That a Strong Crease Is Made in the Paper. This Should Look Like a Triangle Fold.

Step 3: Fold the Sides Toward the Crease; Making It in to a Kite Shape.

Step 4: Turn the Paper Over (flipped to the Back) and Fold the Bottom Corner Up to the Sides That Were Folded to the Crease.

Step 5: Take the Bottom Corner That Was Folded Up, and Fold It Down So That It Touches the Edge.

Step 6: Using This Same Side, Fold the Paper in Half So That the Bottom Half Is Straight and the Top Half Is Pointed. the Corners That Were Folded Should Be Visible From the Outside of the Paper.

Step 7: Flip the Paper Over So That the Folded End Is to the Left, and the Corner Is to the Right.

Step 8: Lift the Corner That Was Folded, Up, and Pull It Forward (to the Left); Smoothing the Edges. This Should Be the "neck" of the Duck.

Step 9: Take the Head of the Duck (the Folded Corner) and Stretch It Out; Folding the Edge of the Head.

Step 10: All Done! You Should Be Able to Lay the Duck Flat or Stand It Up.