Introduction: How to Fold an Origami Ninja Star / Shuriken

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Learn how to easily make the very cool and popular Origami Ninja Star, also known as the Origami Shuriken! This model is not very complex, but always comes out amazing! To see a video tutorial on how to make this same model, check out my tutorial on youtube at How To Fold an Origami Ninja Star / Shuriken and don't hesitate to check out my channel and other videos on all sorts of origami things!

Step 1: Begin With a Square Sheet of Paper, and Fold in Half.

Make sure that the crease is very strong. You should use your fingernail to make it extra sharp.

Step 2: Tear Paper in Half

Start by making a small tear on one end of the crease. Then, use both hands to pull both halves away from each other as shown in the image. You should come out with two perfect rectangles. If this is too difficult for you, you may use scissors to cut along the crease.

Step 3: Take One of Your Rectangular Halves and Fold It in Half Lengthwise

Place one of the rectangle halves from the previous step off to the side. With the other fold it in half lengthwise (also known to some as "hotdog style").

Step 4: Fold in Half Width-wise, Then Unfold.

Fold the same piece of paper in half width-wise (a.k.a "hamburger style") and unfold. There should be a clear crease running down the center of the paper, which will serve as a reference point for the following step.

Step 5: Fold Both Ends of the Paper in Opposite Dierections

Fold one side (in the image it's the right side) of the paper down so that the top edge runs along the center crease. The result should have an almost perfect 90 degree angle. Do the same on the opposite side, but fold it in the opposite direction. After this step, your paper should resemble a bow tie like in the image.

Step 6: Fold Both Ends to a Point

Fold the top corner down so that it forms a peak on top and a point to the side. Then fold the bottom corner up so that it is symmetrical to the top half. DO NOT continue if your paper comes out in a straight line; make sure it looks like the image above.

Step 7: Taking Your Other Half of Paper, Repeat Steps 3 and 4

Repeat steps three and four on the other piece of paper.

Step 8: Fold Both Halves of the Paper Just Like in Step 5, Only in Opposite Directions

Notice that the left side of the first half (the red half) is folded up, while the right side is folded down. Fold the new half (yellow) so that the corresponding sides point in opposite directions (left side down, right side up). This is extremely important, the ninja star cannot be completed if they are not opposite.

Step 9: Perform Step 6 on the New (yellow) Half

Fold the corners of the new half down in the same manner as described in step 6. The result should look like the two halves shown above. IMPORTANT: Notice that one of the sides (the first picture) has a slit on the middle, and if you flip them over, the other side does not (the second picture). This is really important for the next step.

Step 10: Place the Pieces Back to Back

The side of the models with the slit should be facing outwards, and the result of this should look like the image above. If they appear in a shape like the spiderman symbol, you did the second piece incorrectly by not folding it in the opposite direction of the first (step eight).

Step 11: Tuck the Points of the Bottom Piece Into the Slit of the Piece on Top.

Holding the two halves as instructed in the previous step, take one of the points of the bottom piece and bend it over the top of the piece on top. Then tuck the point into the slit as shown in the pictures above. Do this for the other point as well. The result should appear like the third image.

Step 12: Flip the Model Over, and Repeat Step 11.

Flip the model over and repeat the last step just like before. It may be slightly more difficult due to a lack of maneuverability, but it still works the same way.

Step 13: Have Fun!!!

Its finished now! Congratulations! Throw it around and have some fun!

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