Introduction: How to Fold an Origami Star Wars U-wing From Rogue One

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Welcome to my tutorial on how to fold the Star Wars U-wing from Rogue One! This Origami lesson is relatively simple and lots of fun. You may choose to read this instructable or watch my video to learn, and if you like my content, go ahead and subscribe to my channel. Lets get started!

Step 1: Fold the Diagonals

Starting with a square of paper, fold it corner to opposite corner, then unfold. Do this both ways.

Step 2: Mark Fold the Corners

Starting on the left corner, fold it into the center point of the paper, lightly crease, then unfold. Take the same corner and fold it in once more but to the light crease you just made. Again lightly crease and unfold. One more time, take that same right corner and fold it into the newest crease and lightly crease a third time. This line is a mark fold that you will use as a reference in later steps. If you do not fully understand this step, feel free to watch the video in the intro. Repeat this entire step once more on the left corner. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS ON THE TOP OR BOTTOM CORNERS.

Step 3: Actually Fold the Corners

Now we will fold the corners in for real. Take right corner and fold it all the way to the last mark fold from the previous step (it should be the farthest crease to the left). After you have made a good crease, unfold and fold the left corner to the farthest crease to the right. Look at the first and second pictures to get a visual. Then unfold.

Step 4: Create the Modified Square Base

This step may be slightly hard to visualize without the video. Basically, start by pinching and mountain folding the right diagonal crease as seen in the first picture. Rotate the mountain fold down so that the top edge of the mountain fold runs parallel along the nearest crease line (not the center crease). Once you have the mountain fold in place, fold and do the same on the left side. The result should be similar to the last picture.

Step 5: Fold in Sides and Top

Like a regular square base, this model has four different flaps to fold. First, fold the bottom left and right edges up so that they run parallel along the nearest crease (see first and second picture). Then, fold the top down so that the fold touches the top of the last two creases you made (last two photos). Once you have done this, unfold and repeat on the other side.

Step 6: Open Up the Front and Back Layers.

Lift up on the bottom corner and open it up as shown. As you do so, press in from the sides so that they collapse inwards. The result should look like the third picture. Once this is completed and the folds are finalized, turn the paper over and do the same on the opposite side.

Step 7: Create the Shape

Now take the topmost corner and fold it downwards. It should be folded down enough so that the projection (indicated in the second picture) at the back has two squares. Once you have folded this side down correctly, flip the model over and repeat this step.

Step 8: Shape the Sides

From the previous step, rotate the model 90 degrees to the left. Then open up the side that is now the top. Once it is open, fold up the bottom edge (second picture) so that the crease runs from the leftmost corner to about three quarters down the length of the starship.Mirror this fold on the top edge (third picture). When you are done, close this side and rotate the whole model 180 degrees. Repeat on this side. Keep in mind that both sides should be symmetrical, so try to make all your folds here identical. Make sure both sides are closed before you go on to the next step.

Step 9: Squash the Body Open

Lift the top layer up as shown in the first picture, then pry open the sides as seen in picture two. This is probably the trickiest step so I highly recommend that you watch the video to understand this part. Pry open both flaps so that the edges line up with each other when you close the top flap back down. I apologize for my inability to verbalize this step but it is very hard to describe. The end result is the last picture. Do this on both sides.

Step 10: Create the Engines

Like the Star Wars X-Wing, (link will be at the end) the U-wing has four big round engines in the back. Take the flaps you just made in the last step and roll them up tightly and smoothly. There should be four flaps total, two on each side. A finished engine should look like the one shown in the last picture here.

Step 11: Open Up the Back

The small projection on the back of the starship can be inflated to make the starship 3 dimensional. To do this, just stick your finger inside the craft (picture 1) and press on the projection with your other hand. It should inflate like the last picture shows.

Step 12: Fuse the Front

The front of this model (between the wings) should be a point at this step. For the final step, take this point and fold BOTH LAYERS underneath the starship to lock the front closed. You may need to fold this point several times over itself to be very secure.

Step 13: Have Fun!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you liked this then be sure to check out my Instructables page! It has a lot of other similar lessons like the Origami X-wing. For the most tutorials, subscribe to my YouTube Channel How To Origami! I would really appreciate your support.

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