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Introduction: How to Fold an Origami Tank

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Learn how to make the awesome origami tank! This is the only model you'll find that only uses one piece of paper rather than two. If this instructable seems a little difficult, just watch my youtube video here How To Fold an Origami Tank (opens in new tab). Easy and fun to make, never fails to impress friends!

Step 1: Primary Folds

Fold the paper in half diagonally (second image), then unfold and fold again on the second diagonal. Unfold again, then fold half normally (both ways as well). When you are finished with these four folds, unfold and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Fold in Two Corners

At this step you should decide what color you want your tank to be (if you have colored paper). The color that you want the tank to be should be facing down in this step. After doing this, fold in two opposite corners so that they barely touch where all the creases from step 1 cross.

Step 3: Fold in Two Edges

In the same way you folded in the corners, fold in an edge (as shown in the first image) so that the side runs parallel to the center crease. Repeat on the opposite edge, then turn the paper over when you are done.

Step 4: Fold the Top and Bottom Corners to the Center

You should still be able to see the center of the paper where all the creases from step 1 cross. Fold the top point down so that it touches the center. Do the same for the bottom point. Crease strongly, then unfold and flip back over to the other side (third picture).

Step 5: Squash Fold Both Ends

Begin by pressing in from both sides of the creases you made in the last step (image 1), then slowly press the top point down (image 2). The result should look like the third picture. Then repeat this on the opposite side. The points of the corners should line up with the center crease in the end.

Step 6: Make Preparation Folds for the Turret

Pretending that one of the squares you just made is a separate piece of paper, fold it in half both ways like you did in step 1 (first and second picture). Then fold in one diagonal by folding the corner up as shown in the third image. Only do this to one side, then unfold when this is complete.

Step 7: Form the Turret Base

Using the same basic procedures as in step 5, squash fold the turret side along the creases made in the previous step. Press in at the left and right corners (image 1), press the top down (image 2), then press flat (image 3).

Step 8: Form the Barrel

On the opposite side, fold in the edges so that they come near to (but not touching) the center crease. Once you fold in both sides it should look like the second image.

Step 9: Form the Treads

Start by rotating the paper 90 degrees. Then take the bottom edge and fold it up to the center crease (1st image). Fold the same edge back down to the new edge as shown in the second picture, then repeat on the top edge.

Step 10: Bend Both Sides Back

Hold the paper so that the side that was facing up in the previous step is facing away from you. Then bend both sides back as shown, so that the paper gets used to being in that position.

Step 11: Connect the Turret to the Barrel

Bending both sides back at the same time (as done in the previous step), open up the turret and insert the barrel as shown. the two flaps inside the turret should go on either side underneath the barrel to help keep it secure. When this is complete, press the entire tank down flat.

Step 12: Shape the Barrel - Part 1

First, move both flaps up (picture 1), then fold the top corner of the first layer down (2nd picture). Lastly, fold the new top edge of the first layer down and crease as tightly as possible (3rd picture).

Step 13: Shape the Barrel - Part 2

Repeat the previous steps in inversely. Fold both flaps down, then fold the bottom corner of the top layer up, and lastly fold the new edge up.

Step 14: Shape the Barrel - Part 3

Open up the barrel as best you can so that it looks like the first picture. You may need to use a pencil or a similarly shaped object to fully open it and make it appear round (second picture).

Step 15: Shape the Treads

The bottom two layers of the treads should be able to be pulled apart as shown in the first image. Pull them open all the way and they should become flat. Do this on both sides.

Step 16: The Finishing Touches

Just for a few extra awesome points, you can use your fingernail to bend up the bottom and top edges of the treads. This can be a little tricky, but it looks awesome when you're done!

Step 17: Make Some More!

Here it is complete! The more you make the better you'll get! If you liked this tutorial, you should check out my channel at How To Origami (opens in new tab) to see more awesome origami tutorials. Be sure to subscribe to show your support! :)

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