Introduction: How to Forward Your TIGERweb Mail to Your E-mail Account

Let's face it, TIGERweb mail is a pain to check. Microsoft Outlook Web Access is slow, glitchy, and generally unpleasant to use.

That's where this tutorial comes in. Once you're done here, you hopefully will be able to check all of your TIGERweb e-mail from your main e-mail account.

So let's get started!

Step 1: Log in to TIGERweb Mail

First you'll need to log in to TIGERweb Mail.

Be sure to open Internet Explorer, NOT Firefox or Opera or Chrome or Safari. Internet Explorer may be a lot less useful than those other browsers, but Microsoft Outlook Web Access only loads certain settings (which we'll be needing) in Internet Explorer. If you're on a Mac, you're going to need to switch over onto a PC for this tutorial. There should be some PCs free in the computer lab.

With Internet Explorer open, go to TIGERweb Mail. Note that you don't have to log in to TIGERweb to check your mail. Just go to:

A box will pop up asking you for your username and password. When you enter your username, type "trinity\" before you type the usual firstname.lastname42.

Then enter your password (it's the same as your computer login password), and press OK.

Step 2: Opening Rules

If you're reading this, then I'll assume that you've logged in successfully. If you haven't, contact the IT guys or your dean.

Now that you're logged in, look on the left-hand sidebar in the window. Near the lower-left of the window you should see a "Rules" button. Click that.

Step 3: A New Rule

Click the "New..." button near the top of the window. A window should pop up.

Step 4: Structuring the Rule

Now you have to tell the rule what you want to happen. Really, you shoudl only bother to fill out two fields.

1. Give the rule a name, like "Redirect". This is optional, but is useful if you want to find this rule again later.

2. Ignore all of the fields except the bottom, where it says "Forward it to". In that box type your email address. "Keep a copy in my Inbox" should be checked.

That's it. Click "Save and Close". If you see a popup warning you about interfering rules, just click OK.

You'll also get this popup askign you if you really want to do this. Yes, you really want to do this. Click OK.

Step 5: Wrap-Up

That's it! You should start receiving TIGERweb mail soon, so check the email address which you added. If you don't see TIGERweb emails coming in, check your spam folder in case your email client thinks that it's under attack. If your e-mails are ending up in the Spam folder, try adding your TIGERweb email address ( to your address book.

Please note that while you will be recieving forwarded TIGERweb e-mails from school, you will not be able to send TIGERweb emails unless you log back in to TIGERweb Mail. If you have Gmail, you can actually send TIGERweb mail from your Gmail account...but that's another tutorial.

See you around in the hallways!