Introduction: How to Foundation Single Crochet!

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Have you ever started a crochet project, and as you were crocheting along, thought everything looked great, but…you didn’t like how tight your foundation chain was?! It didn’t quite give you the stretchy edge you prefer? Then you’re going to love the Foundation Single Crochet! And the really cool part about it, is that you create your foundation chain and first row of single crochets all at once!

This technique will give you an elastic, stretchy edge that looks beautiful! No more tight crochet edges that pucker!

So grab your yarn and hook and have fun watching the video above or follow the photo tutorial or both!

Step 1: Begin by Making a Slip Knot on Your Crochet Hook

If you don’t know how, you can visit my How to make a slip knot tutorial!

Step 2: Chain 2

Step 3: Next, Insert Your Hook Through the Center of the First Chain.

Step 4: You Will See a Loop Behind the First Chain and Slightly to the Left. Insert Your Hook Through This Also.

Step 5: Yarn Over

Step 6: Draw Your Hook Back Through

Step 7: Yarn Over Again

Step 8: Now Draw Your Hook Back Through the First Stitch Only.

Step 9: Yarn Over

Step 10: Draw Your Hook Back Through the Last 2 Stitches.

Step 11: You’ve Just Completed One Foundation Single Crochet!

Step 12: ​Continue Working, Starting Each Repetition by Inserting Your Hook Into the Foundation Chain Just Made Previously.

This will be the “V” shaped stitch on the left. When starting each repetition, insert your hook through these 2 bars. Then repeat steps 4-9, for each stitch you want to create.

Step 13: When Working, You Will Create a Set of Foundation Chains on the Left Side of Your Work, That Look Like These.

Step 14: ​You Can Get an Idea of What You’ll Be Crocheting, by Looking at This Anatomy of a Foundation Single Crochet.

Your foundation chains will form at the bottom and your single crochets stitches will be in the middle and top! You will make this differently than when traditionally crocheting, where you work from the bottom (foundation chain), and work into each chain. Each foundation chain and single crochet are made at the same time…so you work sideways!

Step 15: ​Tip: Always Insert Your Hook Through the Stitches All the Way Back to the Shank or Shaft of the Hook

You want the width of the shank to push through, otherwise your foundation chains may be too tight.

I hope this helped you discover a new way to start your crochet projects! If you have any questions about any of the steps, feel free to ask me in comments below!

See how to make a Foundation Double Crochet!

Happy Crocheting!

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Step 16:

Step 17: