Introduction: How to French Braid Your Hair!

Braids can add a fun accent to your hair! They're great when you have little time to style your hair. Braids can also create a sexy or comfortable look. It takes practice to get a smooth and uniform braid. There are many different types of braids you can try. Take some time to save money and learn how to french braid your own hair!

Step 1: Prep Your Hair

  • Wash and dry your hair completely.

After washing and drying your hair, gently comb it from the roots. Make sure all hair is untangled.

(This will help create a neat braid.)

Step 2: Part Your Hair

Depending on how many braids you want, you can part your hair.

It is your choice of how many parts you choose or how you create your part.

Step 3: Separate Your Hair

Keep all hair separated from the main hair (braid) you will be working with.

Step 4: Place Your Hair in the Right Direction

Brush your hair in the direction you want you braid to go (according to where you parts are).

Step 5: Start Your Braid

Grab the main hair (braid) that you will work with first.

  • Gently separate the main hair into 3 pieces. (Left Picture)
  • Place one piece of hair in your left hand, leave some hair in the middle and place the remainder of the hair in your right hand.
  • Using the hair in your right hand, place the hair under the center hair.
  • While placing it in the center, rotate the hair that is in the center, to the left side.
  • Place the hair that was once in the center to the right side, rotate the hair in your left hand to the center. (Right Picture)

Step 6: Continuing Your Braid

  • Continue this rotation in the direction you want your braid to go.
  • Every time you rotate your hair, pick up small pieces of hair along the way.
  • Tighten each piece along the way.
  • This will cause your braid to continue being placed along your scalp.

Step 7: Complete the Braid

Continue the same rotation until you have braided your hair in the direction you want it to go.

Step 8: Secure the Braid

Braid all the way down to the end of your hair.

This will help it to not unravel.

You can place a rubber band, beads, or twist your ends to keep the braid secure. (It is your choice!!!)

Step 9: Continue This Braiding Method for Each Braid.

Enjoy your French Braids!!!!