Introduction: How to French Braiding

This will teach you how to do a simple french braid.


Hair Brush & Hair Tie

Step 1: Start With Thoroughly Brushed Hair.

Step 2: Section Off a Small Portion of Hair Starting in the Center of the Hairline.

Step 3: Divide This Section Into 3 Pieces.

Step 4: Cross the Right Piece Over the Middle Piece, Now Letting That Become Your New Center.

Step 5: Repeat This Same Step With the Left Piece, Crossing It Over the Center Piece, Creating Your New Center.

Step 6: Gather a Portion of Loose Hair on the Right Side and Add to Far-right Piece.

Step 7: Cross It Over to the Center.

Step 8: Gather a Section From the Left Side and Add to Far-left Piece, Then Cross to the Center. Repeat This Process Till All Other Loose Hair Has Been Added

Step 9: Continue Crossing Down the Remaining Length of Hair.

Step 10: Secure the End With a Pony Tail or Hair Tie of Your Choice.