Introduction: How to Fuel Your Vehicle

I'm making this instructable since work at a gas station where we have full serve, a lot of customers don’t know how to pump their own gas which blew my mind, so I hope this can help you learn to pump your gas. So this how you fill up your car with fuel.

Step 1: Open Up Your Fuel Cover

To open up the fuel cap there are 2 main ways. It’s either a button on the inside of your car right near the driver's seat or you can push onto the fuel cover.

Step 2: Opening the Fuel Cap

To open the fuel cap you turn it to the left until it comes out or until you can't turn it anymore.

Step 3: Lift the Nozzle

The nozzle is one the right side of the pump, if the pump is yellow its diesel.

Step 4: Picking the Grade of Fuel

On the inside of the cover will usually say what the recommended grade is and if it's doesn't you can look in the manual, DO NOT PUT DIESEL IN A GASOLINE VEHICLE!!!

Step 5: Filling the Vehicle

Hold down the nozzle until it auto stops the pump.

Step 6: Put Fuel Cap Back On.

you turn the cap too the right until it clicks and when it clicks try to turn it again just to make sure it is closed

Step 7: Close Fuel Cover.