How to Generate Lotto Numbers Using a Spreadsheet

Introduction: How to Generate Lotto Numbers Using a Spreadsheet

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Playing the lottery is all about fun from what I see. The odds in favor of winning the lottery is about 1:292 million. So winning the lottery is not easy. But the challenge is to match as many numbers as possible. So that's where the enjoyment comes.

There are many ways by which you can generate lotto numbers.

If you use a quick pick machine, that's fine. If that's how you play the lottery, do it. I don't think there's much fun in it though (just my opinion).

Here's how to use a spreadsheet program to generate lotto number combinations.

You will need:

1. Any spreadsheet program. In this page, I use LibreOffice Calc which is free. It is part of the LibreOffice suite created by The Document Foundation

2. Full understanding of the lottery's random nature. I think it's too essential to mention that here as well. Anyone playing lotto can be at risk of lottery addiction. So please, play the lottery responsibly.

Step 1: Line Numbers

Starting on the second-row column A. Put line numbers from 1 to 10.

Step 2: Put in Your Favorite Numbers

On the second row, starting from column B, put in all your favorite numbers. For example, if you play lotto 649, then choose at least 25 numbers. If you play a 5/69 game such as the U.S. Powerball, then put in at least 30.

Notice that numbers are marked in different colors. The color group scheme follows the principle of the Geometry of Chance. I can't explain all the details of this concept, but you can read more about it from an article How to Win the Lottery Mathematically.

Here, numbers are grouped in the following colors:

Yellow - 1 to 9

Cyan - 10 to 19

Gray - 20 to 29

Green - 30 to 39

Magenta - 40 to 49

Be sure to put each number in its respective color background.

Step 3: Copy All the Numbers

Once you're done putting all your favorite numbers, copy them down to line 10. Notice that from this approach, you are limiting your selection within a set of numbers. In concept, this is partly similar to using combinatorics or wheeling system. Good thing, this spreadsheet method will save you from the complexity of mathematical computation.

Step 4: Add Number Patterns

Next, you will need to add color patterns on which you will base your number selection. What you see in the image is my list of favorite color patterns. These patterns are what I believe will work best and will give me the highest likelihood of matching more numbers.

Remember, the lottery is just all about fun. So this is what I think is fun for me. Surely, you can use your own patterns. Best to use what works for you.

Step 5: Time to Pick Numbers

Select numbers based on their color group. There is no definite rule on this. Just pick your heart out. As long as you're following the color, you are fine. You can pick a number in a sequence or at random. It's all up to you. Follow your own style.

Step 6: Check for Odd and Even Numbers

Now, you need to check whether a number is an odd or an even number. I will explain why it's important for the next step. Meantime, follow the formula as shown in the image.

The formula is applicable in LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet program. But you can find an equivalent approach in your own spreadsheet program.

The formula is a basic conditional.


V2 refers to the cell address of the number we are working on.

First, it divides numbers by two, and if there's a remainder, then the program knows it's an odd number so it will print "1" otherwise "0".

Step 7: Copy the Formula to the Next Column

Once you worked the formula correctly, then, copy it to the following columns in the same row.

Step 8: Copy the Formula Down to the Bottom

Step 9: Let's Count the Odd and Even Numbers

On the top row, add headers. Call them "Odd" and "Even."

"Odd" (row 1, column AJ)

"Even" (row 1, column AK)

We will use these two columns to count the odd and the even numbers.

Rules of thumb

  • Choose a balanced mixture of odd and even numbers.

The following are a good bet for a line:

  • 3 odd and 3 even
  • 2 odd and 4 even
  • 4 odd and 2 even

Step 10: The Formula for Counting the Odd Numbers

In LibreOffice Calc, I use SUM() to count the number of odds. You should be able to find the right formula for your spreadsheet.

Step 11: The Formula for Counting the Even Numbers

Since I play a 6-number game lotto, I just need to know the difference to count the even numbers.

So if there are 4 odd numbers, then 6 - 4 = 2 even numbers.

Step 12: Copy the Formula Down to the Bottom

Once you have completed this step, you're done.

All you have to do is check that your combinations are balanced.

So you have completed the number selection process. By this time, you should have 10 combinations ready to be used on your next lottery play.

Step 13: Get More Lines

This step is optional. If you want to play more lines than 10, then all you have to do is copy the whole thing.

Step 14: Make Sure to Work on Your Numbers Again

Make an opportunity to generate another set of numbers.

One rule of thumb says:

  • More lines, more chances of winning.

Just make sure, you're not overspending.

Budgeting is important. When I say, "budget," I refer to the money that you set aside for your entertainment.

When I say, entertainment, I mean it's never a mean to make a full-time income.

Please understand that your losses are just the cost of fun in much the same way as movie ticket is the cost of a good time.

Step 15: One More Thing

I hope that you like the presentation. Remember. The lottery is just a fun game. Enjoy the challenge of picking good numbers.

The Lottery is predictable (to an extent) through probability theory. However, whatever strategies you employ, the odds of the lottery don't change. For one thing, there is only 1 way to win and there are a million ways to lose. No matter what you do, the odds stay that way.

Spend only the money that you can afford to lose. If you lose, you don't lose your shirt. But you did have some fun.

If you win, then great! So, get a lawyer, find an accountant and a financial adviser. Put them together as one team to work out your windfall. And don't forget to buy me a coffee when that happened.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you win. Soon.

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