How to Germinate Seeds Fast




Introduction: How to Germinate Seeds Fast

Sorry for the poor quality pictures!

In this instructable I will show you how to germinate seeds FAST!!!!!

Above are some images of kale and carrot seedling, however this can work with any seeds that you have around. Using this method you can grow seedlings in a couple of days (depending on the seeds themselves).

What you will need:

- some snap lock bags

- some wet paper towel

- the seeds of your choice

How it works:

Seeds have a strong outer shell that protects them until they are in the ground, then the shell biodegrades. However when you put them in the snap lock bags, it creates a humid environment that softens the shell. The core part of the seed receives some of this water and then it starts to grow.

Step 1: Prep and Method

Place the wet sheet of paper towel in to the snap lock bag. Then add in as many seeds as necessary on top of the paper towel. Close the bag and wait. Do not sand/cut the side if the seeds side. This weakens the plant and it will die. Leave for at least a week so that the seedlings can strengthen and grow.

Step 2: Plant the Seedlings

Plant the seedlings in good, well drained soil close to the surface. The seedlings should start to poke out of the soil after a couple of days. Hope you get some great new plants growing fast!

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    5 years ago

    I'm glad that worked so well! We'll have to try this with some of our seeds.