Introduction: How to Get Beach Waves (No Heat)

Are you tired of having the same hairstyles everyday? Well i have the solution to that with a cute beach wave hair tutorial. Beach waves are perfect for any and every occasion. 

Step 1:

There are a few things that you need for this tutorial. The first thing you need is damp hair. You are going to need a comb. You can also use any gel but the best hold Is L'Orell #4. You should also get some of your favorite hairspray. The last thing you need 2 hair  ties this is all you will need for this hair tutorial.

Step 2:

Now its time to prep your hair. You can start off by washing your hair and then towel drying it.  After that you can start combing your hair out. Now you will part your hair in half from top to bottom. Start applying gel to all of your hair don't go cheep on the gel apply a generous amount. The next step is to start french braiding your hair into 2 pig tails. After that you will ties off the pig tails with the hair ties. The last thing you will do for right now is spray hair spray on the 2 pig tails. Now its time to go to sleep. 

Step 3:

There are only a few final steps left. You cans tart off by taking off the hair ties and undoing the braids. Now will have perfect beach waves but to make it hold spray some hair spray. The last thing to do is to go out and rock your new hair style.

Step 4:

Hope you enjoyed a quick over night hair style. Don't forget its great for any and every occasion.