Introduction: How to Get Fresh Water in the Wild

When you're in the wild with no immediate source of water you might wanna try this method. Of course if you want to live. Dehydration will kill you if you don't have a good water source. You may survive without food for a while but, if you are dehydrated you will surely die soon. In this Instructable you will learn how to collect water through evaporation. This method is easy and can be done fast.

You'll need a few things:

  • a shovel ( if you don't have one and you're in the wild you can always use something else. e.g. Your hand)
  • a cup
  • vegetation
  • a tarp/some sort of plastic covering
  • rocks/can also use the soil you've dug up

Step 1: Diggin' a Hole

Dig a hole about the size of the one in the picture. It doesn't have to be big. The depth of the hole should be about 1 1/2 feet deep. Do this in the morning because the more water you lose by sweating the more you need to replace.

Once you've dug a hole take your cup and put it in the center of the hole. The cup should be pretty shallow, not like 2 inches high, 'cause you won't collect enough water and it will overspill.

As you see in the picture I used a tin can. I cut in the middle about 2 inches deep so that it will not be level with the surface above the hole. You will see why later.

Step 2: Vegetation

Find really green leaves around your surroundings. Put them in your hole around the cup that you've placed in the middle. Make sure that you fill the hole with a lot of vegetation. When the sun rises in the morning and all the way until sun set the sun will make that water inside the plants to evaporate and collect at the top of the covering.

Step 3: Covering

Make sure that you're covering will stretch over the hole and cover everything. Place rocks or dirt on the side of the covering so that the covering will stay in its place. Carefully place a small pebble in the middle of the covering above the cup. The pebble will channel the water that evaporated on the inside of the covering into the cup.

Over tidewater will be sucked out of the vegetation and into the cup.


Sorry was I too loud?

I just had a fresh, clean drink from my cup.

You should try this if you have no source of water around. This method is easy, cheap, fast, and reliable, so use it!

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