Introduction: How to Get Minecraft Beacon

This Tutorial will help you make a beacon for your Minecraft world

Step 1: Make the Portal With Obsidian

If your wondering how to get obsidian, you just pour water over lava, or find some in a cave.

Once you have 14 Blocks of Obsidian, your going to want to put them in a specific way

(4 on the top, 3 on each side and 4 on the bottom)

Put them in that order, and then light it with Flint and steel (You'll need 1 Iron and 1 Flint)

Step 2: Enter the Nether...

Before you enter the nether portal, make sure you have a lot of cobblestone, and nothing valuable except a sword and a pickaxe. Once you have the gear and the portal, your ready to enter. When you get there, build a cobblestone wall around your portal, ghasts are dangerous.

Step 3: Get 4 Soul Sand

Soul sand is a common resource in the nether, you can get it multiple ways. Through the nether wart farms in the nether fortress, or random spots of soul sand

Step 4: Slay Wither Skeletons...

In order to get the materials needed to make a wither, you'll have to slay countless WITHER Skeletons in order to get their head. Once you have 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls, place the soul sand in a T style. And before you put the wither skeleton heads on, make sure your actually ready with diamond gear and sword. And if you can, get golden apples, strength potions, and milk.

Step 5: Fight the Wither...

Once your geared up, all ready to go into combat, save your game, and spawn the wither.

Step 6: The Death of the Wither

After you have killed the wither, look for a little white star, when you pick it up, it should say, Nether Star.

Step 7: Resources!

Now you must go and get 3 Obsidian, and 6 GLASS Blocks.

Step 8: Now...

Now put the resources in the crafting table and put them in order shown above.

Step 9: Power Up!

Now that you your beacon, (Congrats) you'll now need lots of resources, preferably iron, and put it in a pyramid form. If it worked, there should be a light straight up in the sky.

Step 10: Just a Tip..

The required amount of block of your choice to fully power up the beacon is 81, meanwhile the minimum is 9, it also must be ONE type of block (Iron, Gold, Emerald, Diamond)

That's why I suggest Iron, because it is most common.

Step 11: I Swear This Is the Final Step..

And finally now that you have everything, simply go to the beacon, and input 1 of any rare material. (Iron, Gold, Emerald, Diamond. )