How to Get More Functionality Out of Your Arduino Zero

Introduction: How to Get More Functionality Out of Your Arduino Zero

In this Instructable we look at how to get more functionality out of your Arduino Zero board, including getting access to 6 additional digital pins and adding some more flexibility to the Zero's communication capabilities.

//**********************Arduino Code from the video*********************

//This code is free to use and modify at your own risk

bool tog = false; //used to toggle LEDs on and off

void setup() {

pinMode(38,OUTPUT); //This is the pin labeled "ATN"

pinMode(22,OUTPUT); //This is MISO pin on ICSP header

pinMode(20,OUTPUT); //This is SDA pin

SerialUSB.begin(57600); //this is the native USB port

Serial.begin(57600); //this is the programming port

Serial1.begin(57600); //this is for pins D0 and D1


void loop() {

if(tog) { //set each of the pins to high to turn LEDs on




tog = false;


else { //set each pin to low to turn them off




tog = true;


delay(1500); //delsy for 1.5 seconds


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