Introduction: How to Get Started With a Raspberry Pi

Hi my name is hoomehr and this is how to get started with

the raspberry pi 3

The first thing that you need to do is to get raspberry pi 3, of course, you can get the full kit from Cana kit.

It comes with a raspberry pi 3, HDMI cable, a case for the pi and all the other things that you might need but one thing that to my surprise they did not include was a VGA/DVI to HDMI converter so that might be something that you need. If you are going to use your raspberry pi with a TV like I was then you do not need that as TVs have a HDMI input but if you have an old LCD from one of your computers than you might have a VGA or DVI input so you would need the adapter.

Now to start you first should build the already provided case for the raspberry pi as it will protect it if you drop it or if you put it on a metal surface and therefore having a chance of shorting a component and destroying it (similar things have happened to me). Be sure to install the heatsinks on the IC before putting it in the case. When you have finished making the case then it’s time to get the SD card and the SD card reader and format it you can do that by clicking on the SD card when it comes up on your computer and then clicking format.

You can also use some software to fully format the SD card as the simple way does not always do that you can use the (free SD card Formatter). then you are ready to download the raspberry pi RASPBIAN or NOOBS from the raspberry pi website you can find the zip or the torrent by going to and then going to the downloads section and choosing the version that you wand the NOOBS or the RASPBIAN I used RASPBIAN personally.

You can choose whichever one you like. When you finished downloading your preferred software drag and drop it in the formatted SD card it might take some time use this time to set up your raspberry pi star by connecting the HDMI cable to your raspberry pi and to your TV then connect a mouse and keyboard to the USB outlet and finally connect the pi to power by the adapter provided And plug it in the raspberry pi you might see some colours appear on the screen or you might get a message that says there is no input signal.

So take your SD card and put it in the raspberry pi it should start to boot up give it some time meanwhile it will show you some text about the raspberry pi you can read them and take note of the important stuff. After around ten to fifteen minutes you should be done. That’s it you can connect yourself to the internet by clicking on the top right globelike icon and putting in your password and you are done now you can use it like minicomputer that you got for 17-35$.

You can find pictures of the steps I took to set up and use the raspberry pi 3.

Here are a few useful links

YouTube channel

YouTube video

Step 1: Step One Putting the Heat Sinks on and Assembling the Case of the Pi

Step 2: Step Two Connecting to Power ,screen and Booting Up

Step 3: Step Three

here are some videos that run you through setting up and doing everything for your raspberry pi from start to finish are have also included something that I wrote.

have fun and be creative there are many things you could do with a 35 to 17 $ computer I hade a project planned but I have to wait for the parts to arrive.