Introduction: How to Get Those Stuck Grips Off Bike's Handlebars

Sometimes people need to take their grips off a bike's handlebars, but often the only way to do so appears only to cut them. This instructable tells you how to do this in another way. You will need:

- a pair of grips to take off,

- water, and

- a flathead screwdriver.

Step 1:

First start off by taking a flathead screwdriver and slightly pushing it in between the handlebars and the grip.

Step 2:

After doing that, gently push the screwdriver sideways, leaving a small gap between the handlebars and the grip. After that, pour some water into the gap and remove the screwdriver. Originally I used wd40 (a penetrating oil) but later found out that simple water works just as fine and you don't need to clean anything up after it.

Step 3:

Now you are ready to remove the grip by twisting and pulling the grips up.

Step 4:

You're done! If, afterwards, you put the grip on another handlebars, do it while it's still wet; water eventually evaporates leaving the grip sitting very tightly.