Introduction: How to Get Your Music Library Organized

I don’t know about you, but for me, I have got a huge music library with thousands of songs. But most of the songs are not complete. Some songs don’t have album arts and some others have no lyrics. I was wondering if there is a way to help me quickly organize my music library. After some research on the internet, I finally find one good tool to help me—the Wondershare TidyMyMusic for Mac ( It fixes all the mislabeled songs in my library and even finds duplicate songs. If you have the same problem with me, just follow me to check out this program and see how to use it exactly.

Step 1: Install TidyMyMusic for Mac

Copy the following downloading link to the address bar of your browser. Press Enter and then the program will start to download. Get it installed after downloaded.
Downloading link:

Step 2: Import Your Music Library to the Program

When the program is launched, it will automatically import all your iTunes music to the file tray under “Tidy iTunes”.

If you have music not managed by iTunes, you can just drag the music folders to “Tidy Music” or click “Open File” to import the music files.

Step 3: Scan to Fix Mislabeled Songs and Find Duplicates

We will show you how to organize your iTunes library under “Tidy iTunes” first. And it’s the same for “Tidy Music”.
Click the “Scan” button in the header and then the program will start to scan all your iTunes music. After the scanning is over, all the incomplete songs will be identified and the missing information for the songs will be found, like song titles, album arts, lyrics and much more.

In addition, this program will help you find the duplicates in your iTunes library. And then you can choose to delete certain ones.

Step 4: Apply the Found Information to All the Songs

Click “Identify Songs” in the scanning bar and select all the songs under “Tidy iTunes”. Then click the “Apply” button on the bottom of the right column. After that, the information will be embedded to the songs, which you can take anywhere.

Step 5: Edit the Song Information

If you want to edit the song information by yourself, you can select one song and click the “Edit” icon in the right column. Then fill in the editing field with information you need. All the information like album art, song title and much more can be edited.

Step 6: Remove Duplicates

Here we come to the final step. Click “Duplicated Songs” in the scanning bar in the header, then you can see the songs with duplicates in the file tray. Select one song and all of its duplicates will be displayed in the right column. Tick the songs you want to keep and then click “Dedupe” to remove the unwanted to the trash.

You can do the same to the songs under “Tidy Music”. With TidyMyMusic for Mac, you don’t need much time to get all your songs fixed and get your library organized. Want to have a try now? Just go ahead.