Introduction: How to Give Yourself a Makeunder

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Have you ever been too heavy handed with makeup and just didn't want to start over again? Here are some tips to tone it down!


1. Remove Excess Foundation with Your Hands. Wash and dry your hands first. Work backwards and sweep your hands from the center of your face to your hairline. Use a damp makeup sponge or cotton swab to remove excess concealer under eyes. Repeat until you achieve the coverage you want.

2. Beat Excess Blush with Cotton and Powder. Swipe a cotton ball in the same direction as blush was applied to remove excess powder blush. Sweep translucent powder over any excess color left over. For cream blush, lightly rub off with your finger tips. Follow with a touch of foundation or tinted moisturizer to finish.

3. Remove Eye Makeup with Cotton and Cream Shadow. Use a cotton swab to remove eye shadow. For stubborn eye makeup, use a skin toned cream shadow to break up the formulation and remove with cotton swab. You can remove glitter with clear adhesive tape.

4. Lift off Lip Color with Lip Balm and Tissue. Blot with tissue, apply balm and wipe. To remove even more lip color, use a wet tissue and a mild facial cleanser.