Introduction: How to Glow a Led With Arduino

how to glow a led with ardino (only 2 steps)

Step 1: Step 1:create Your Circuit

supplies needed:


2.bread board

3.ardino uno


first take a led,led will have 2 legs one leg would be tall and other leg would be short the tall one is know as anode

and short one as cathode place led inside 2 hole (both legs should be in different holes of bread board) place a end of wire in front hole of cathode and connect other end of wire to ground(GND).place a end of wire in front hole of

anode and connect it to port 13 of ardino uno

that's it your circuit is now done

Step 2: Step2:program

there is a simple program for this but first you will have to download the software for ardino programing

after you downloaded it open a file of software and you will see there are some code written from before do not delete it and write the code like this (the bold one is previously written code)

void setup()

pinMode(13, OUTPUT);


void loop() {