Introduction: How to Glue Stuff: With a Soldering-iron

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i love tools, but: the glue-gun is a creature i am not too crazy about. its messy, passive, wasteful, inflexible... - especially when it comes to small, tricky jobs.

so i started instead to use the good old soldering-iron to heat & apply the hotglue*.

its great because you can be much more precise and since the tip of the iron is both, heating-tool and a ´knife´, you can manipulate/apply the glue in ways you can only dream of with a glue-gun. f.e., if a spot/seam came out not as you wanted you just go back to it, reheat it, reshape it, add more glue, etc etc.

* hotglue should come in the form of thread in rolls - just like solder. different gauges would be better still. - well, i just cut down glue-sticks, to any size wished... all the way down to spaghetti-size ,,, following just a few quick pictures, the technique of application really does not need any demonstration, its all straight forward, just let your imagination go wild..... but if you got any questions etc, please aks.

Step 1: Make Hotglue Spaghetti (crash-course):

mostly there is just too much sh&it ozzing out of a traditional glue-gun... its not just a waste, it also sucks to work with.

ok, just cut down an existing stick to any shape and size that suits you (no-brainer: doesnt have to be thread-like, you can also ´grate´ it in flakes or pellets etc etc)

also, as always, many ways lead to rome: so here below just o n e quick way to cut the sticks (in this case 7mm) down to thread-like pieces.

i use a metal rule (as straight edge guide) with a box-cutter over some old card-board.

Step 2: Done

now go and glue-solder your hearts out


over&out, greetings from the mountains