Introduction: How to Goat Tie

In this instructable I will be showing you the many steps that go into Goat Tying

Step 1: Straddling the Rope

After dismounting, straddling the rope between each leg while running ensures the goat will not run from reach before flanking.

Step 2: Position for Flanking

After straddling and reaching the goat, grab the goat and put its LEFT side to the front of your legs. When reaching down your left hand will be place on their RIGHT FRONT leg. Your RIGHT hand will then grab their flank.

Step 3: Flanking

After placing each hand in the correct position - see above step for any questions.
Pull up and snap each wrist back - the goat's feet should fling upwards away from you as you "slam" him back onto the ground on its side.

Step 4: Gathering

While in mid air or after setting the goat on his side, "scoop" with the front leg to gather the back two legs.
(You're initially only tying THREE of the four legs.)
The back two legs should be placed on the top of the front.

Step 5: First "Flick"

After gathering you will hold ALL 3 legs together with your LEFT hand - your RIGHT hand will do the tying for this segment.
You will then grabs your string from your back belt loop. Then, you will bring the end of the goat string in front of you. By using your wrist, you will create a "flicking" motion to create your first UNFINISHED loop around the goat's feet.

Step 6: The Double Wrap

After the first flick, you will continue on with the tie.
Using the same motion, you will follow through after the flick and wrap a SECOND time around - creating a double wrap or "two flicks".
This ensures that after the final knot is made your goat cannot kick out of your tie.

Step 7: Creating Your Tie

After wrapping once completely, on your second wrap you will stop half way through the wrap. At this time you will stick your LEFT hand, which was holding the feet together, through the gap of each string end.

Step 8: Finishing the Tie

After stickin your hand between each string end, you will twist your wrist to grab the string located in your mouth.
After grabbing that end with your free hand you will pull the string through to create your "knot".

Step 9: Following Through

After pulling the end through you will finish out your knot in one motion.
While pulling your knot tie you will twist and pull with your RIGHT hand. While doing both actions at the same time you will find that your knot will cinch itself tight directly below you. This creates a stronger hold on your tie using your own motion as a force.

Step 10: Stopping the Clock

After completeing the tie, the only way to stop the clock is to put your hands in the air.
In order to conserve time many goat tiers create a create a triangle/diamond with their hands to place directly above their tie. Their own motion is used to their advantage as well.

Step 11: Finished Tie

Step 12: Video