Introduction: How to Groom a Horse and What You Need

its important to groom a horse so the skin wont get gross and crusty.

this is what you need to groom a horse.

  • curry comb
  • body brush
  • hoof pick
  • razor
  • scissors
  • face brush
  • show sheen

Step 1: How to Brush Horses Mane and What You Need

its important to brush your horses mane, because if you enter showmanship classes or halter class. the judges will judge you and how your horse look.(and how well you do in the horse class)

what you'll need

  • horse brush
  • and show sheen

Step 2: How to Use a Curry Comb

its really important to use a curry comb to groom a horse, it helps get most of the dirt off.

and it helps groom better. it also make your horse look better, and easier to brush.