How to Grow Amaranth From Stems and Collect Seeds




Introduction: How to Grow Amaranth From Stems and Collect Seeds

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We buy Green Amaranth from vendors for making vegetables. The green leaves are always sold with the stem, which can be planted to grow. But we will not get the required amount of leaves for one time cooking from the planted stems.

So, I thought of planting the stems, grow the plant and then collecting the seeds. The hundreds of seeds collected from the few stems can be used to grow so many Amaranth plants in a small patch of land.

Step 1: Collect Stems

  • Separate the leaves and stems from the bunch of Green Amaranth
  • Keep the bottom portion of stems in water to prevent drying

Step 2: Plant the Stems

  • Fill a suitable planter with potting soil and plant the stems
  • Water them regularly and watch them grow

Step 3: Flowering

  • After a few days I found that some of the stems are dead, but are growing well
  • After about a month, you can find clusters of flowers in each stem

Step 4: Allow Flowers to Dry

  • Allow the flowers to mature and dry naturally. Keep waiting

Step 5: Collect Seeds

  • Once you find dried stem of flowers, gently cut and remove the dried flowers from the plant
  • Place the dried flowers on a piece of white paper.
  • Gently squeeze the dried flowers with fingers and the seeds with dried petals will start to fall out
  • Collect the fallen seeds and lightly blow on them. The dried flower parts will fly away
  • The seeds are very tiny and black in color. You can collect the seeds and plant them in a small patch of land

Now you can harvest the fresh green Amaranth whenever you find enough leaves in the patch

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    4 years ago

    Thank you sooo much!! I am clueless about gardening, I was thinking of planting the Thotakura whole!! Very helpful article, will do this.