Introduction: How to Grow Your Fish Quickly.

This is a guide on how to grow you fish big and healthy

Step 1: Step 1 - Water Movement

Water movement is the exercise of a fish without exercise the fish wont grow fast . In the first year of a fish it grows significantly compared to the 2nd or 3rd year

Step 2: Step 2-filtration

is an important step in growing fish. Depending on the quantity of fish the waste is a lot a good filtration system is very important

Step 3: Step 3-food

The food you pick has to have a quality nutrients in it or growth can be slower but still have full potential. All fish have potential to be the world champion one day .

Step 4: Step 4-clean Water

Having clean water is essential to grow your fish quick. A lot depends on the quality of your water.

Step 5: Step 5-area

If you want to grow large quantities of fish you must have a big pond for the fish. My recommendation is 50 fish for 1000L to grow fish to an average size

Step 6: Step 6-protection

A fishes slime coat is very essential to a fishes live. It grows with the fishes body. Humans can damage the slime coat by touching the fish with dry hands so wet your hands before touching a fish!. Fish also might get a disease which changes the look of their slime coat it is called white spots and is a vital disease which may lead to death to treat it add normal salt as well as a heater in the aquarium

Step 7: Step 7-diseases

Fish may pick up a lot of sickness or worms and parasites and should be treated immediately. Go to your local pet shop and by some medicine for the sickness you need to treat